M2M and Private APN Services with APT

Telemetry Information Transfer Service (TTS)

TTS is a low-cost, Private APN service with a host of features for customers looking for a variety of solutions. We offer a wide range of configurations and services to suit different customers needs.
For lower volume customers who can't justify a Private APN, we can offer equivalent services to you at a low cost per SIM, as well as devices with a variety of features to use on the network.
We can also offer tailored solutions to customers who do not have the need for IT infrastructure or staff but would like some of the features of a Private APN SIM or Device.


Static Private IP for each Device

Customers will get a unique private IP address for each SIM or Device on the network, allowing them to access the device directly regardless of connection direction and without the need for additional services or tunnels.

Connect to serial devices from anywhere

With the devices in our Serial Modems section, RS232 devices can be accessed over the cellular network from another SIM, whether it be via a direct serial connection, or an emulated modem connection.

Completely Private, or controlled Internet Access

With APT TTS, your SIMs are on an isolated Private Network, but you can also request limited access to internet services (such as a Static IP Server) or allow full internet access to your devices. Firewall rules can be tailored to customers specifications to ensure security and flexibility.

Turn-Key Solutions and Security

All Products purchased from us for use on the APN come with SIMs preinstalled and a card with the IP Address and Phone Number. With the Ctek Z4400 Skyrouter or Celot CTR-200 Range, supplied devices will come with a device firewall that ensures traffic cannot flow in and out of your private range. This is ideal for customers who want to add a device to their LAN as a gateway, and want to ensure no unsolicited traffic can pass through that gateway.

APN SIMs can be purchased for use in any BYOD equipment as well, provided it can support 3G 850/2100mhz, or 4G 700(APT Band)/1800/2600MHz. Check The Spark Coverage Map for your appropriate frequency and technology.

Spark Control Center

Customers on the APT APN will have login access to the Spark Control Center, a Jasper Technologies provided control interface for all of their SIMs.
Spark Control Center allows customers to control costs, scale and increase their service reliability through a suite of tools and fully sortable information that allow users to:

  • See SIM/Device Data Usage in Real-time
  • Check SIM connection state and troubleshoot connection problems with historical data
  • Send emails or push API messages when events occur